21 April 2011

Reviews, reviews, reviews

Geek Nation has been out for about six weeks now in the UK and a couple of weeks in India, where it has hit number one in the bestseller lists. And the reviews are still coming in. One of the nicest arrived in my inbox today from Mumbai's Business Standard: "She’s not starry-eyed, doesn’t mind burning a few formidable bridges for the sake of truth and always takes facts with a fistful of salt... At a time when science writing is beset by arid literature, Saini’s writing gives her already interesting premise a masterful and penetrating feel." Meanwhile, The Hindu, which is one of my favourite Indian newspapers, wrote (along with a really embarrassing photo of me looking sweaty and pink): "In these days of quick reading and one-dimensional plots, Geek Nation comes as a breath of fresh air. It's a combination of substance and style, of fact, fiction and storytelling to make for some wonderful reading."

In the past I've blogged about stories in the brilliant E&T Magazine, so I was thrilled that they also gave Geek Nation a rave review: "In a pithy, engaging and radiant style, Saini synthesises the various cultural, historical, psychological factors which in part explains India's resurgence as a centre of engineering and scientific excellence." Finally, Wanderlust magazine, which is for adventurous travelling types, has reviewed both my book and Brian Clegg's brilliantly fascinating Inflight Science and given us both four stars. Plus if you buy the latest issue or enter online, you can win one of five copies of Geek Nation.

If you'd like to see some of the other reviews and coverage then keep an eye on the books page of my website. And also feel free to leave comments and pictures on the Facebook group (326 fans and counting). I love seeing your messages!

(The photograph above is from the beautiful blog of Akeela Bhattay)


Brian Clegg said...

Thanks for the mention and kind comment! Nice to be in the same issue...

sanju baba said...

Hi angela,saw you on show,hmmmmm...kya naam tha,some books on NDTV.you were awesome,you read a lot kya,ekdam scholar i really hate reading but i 'ill read ur new book.One thing i would like to share i wanted to do something innovative on my work..but my PM said hey why u wasting lot on time...just get it done...Innovation needs time,patience and passion...but people r in a hurry....hahahha chal bye and tc