12 January 2012

Out soon in paperback!

If you missed out on reading Geek Nation last year because you're not keen on hardbacks, or they're a bit too expensive for you, or you prefer a book you can fit in your pocket or your bag, then you'll be delighted to know that it will be out in the shops in paperback in exactly three weeks' time (or in May if you happen not to live in Europe). American readers may also be pleased to hear that it will be available Stateside too for the first time in May.

The cover is a funky mash-up of the Asian hardback and some of the colours from the European version, and on the back you will find a fetching little portrait of me looking especially geeky. There will be a few more events and signings this year, so please keep an eye on the events page of my website for more details. Have a Happy 2012!


Ludwig said...

What about us in India? After all we feel somewhat entitled, seeing as the book is about us, y'know? :)

Angela Saini said...

Well, it's already available all over India in hardback! The paperback will be out in May. Hope you enjoy it!